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When Looking Down On Floor A Good Thing

The way things are these days, it might have been perfectly understandable. Looking down on the floor was a sign of stress and worry. The shoulders were slouching and folks were doing more harm than good to themselves. It would have been better to walk up straight, shoulders back and just face the music. But still, it can be nice; when you’ve got colorful and interesting floor graphics to look forward to.

It is like this. Or so it could be. You see it in the grand entrance to a small warehouse-type studio or office complex where more productive work than anywhere else tends to get done. You see these places and they tend to have rather interesting murals on the walls. These are the images that could keep many a visitor entranced until such time he or she is called forth for the appointed meeting. But you see it on the floors too.

They give directions, hints or teasers of what may come. They keep people guessing the whole time. The innovators of such projects want to keep their employees thinking on their feet. But so you know, floor graphics are more than just a pretty picture. They do provide quite important markers and directions from a risk management point of view. Think hospitals. Think factory floors; and are you getting the picture by now.

floor graphics

No? Well, it goes like this. Color-coded directions will be provided along both the floors and walls. Somehow or another, staff members will always know which way to head for the emergency exit. Emergency service workers will always know which way to head towards the emergency theater. Military institutions and law enforcement agencies will have their coded directions as well. By now, surely, you get the picture.